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Thank you for being a part of the 2015 International SRV Conference.

As promised, we have attached a link for you to provide feedback to the conference planners about the 2015 International Social Role Valorization Conference. We are, of course, also providing paper evaluations at the conference, so feel free to use either or both, but please do allow us to know your assessment of the event and your recommendations for future conferences and gatherings.

plenary session speakers, titles and topics

John Armstrong, Sources of influence: The relationship between our values and what we take notice of when applying SRV

The application of SRV engages our values, but what are those values based upon?  Is it possible that a narrow value position potentially distorts the array of SRV strategies that could be engage but are not because our values leave us blind to other possibilities? These are other features of the relationship between our values and the empirical basis of SRV will be discussed in order to lead to a deeper appreciation of the relationship between what we believe and what we end up doing.


Darcy Elks, SRV: Reflections on taking the road less traveled

This session will invite participants to reflect on their personal journeys of learning, embracing, and implementing the ideas embodied in Social Role Valorization theory. We will also reflect on our collective journeys. Together we will consider themes, metaphors, and questions that have directed our paths, challenged us, and called us to action.


Mary Kealy, Cultivating values based leadership to enable citizens to enjoy the ‘good things of life’

This presentation will describe the changeover process of an agency in the West of Ireland that went from offering conventional group based service models to an emphasis on developing personally suitable valued social roles within the community “one person at a time.” Fundamental to this process was strengthening the vision for what might be possible in each person’s life.


Jo Massarelli, On being helpful: What makes for excellent service

Jo will explore the four elements that make for excellent service: identification with those served, a positive theory of service, strong allies, developing the character to deal with suffering, fear, and apathy.


Mitchel Peters, The importance of the Citizen Advocacy scheme in facilitating valued roles for, and the valuation of, vulnerable people

Citizen Advocacy is a personal advocacy scheme, conceptualised by Wolf Wolfensberger, in which unpaid, one-to-one “matches” are facilitated between vulnerable people and suitable other members of the community. This presentation describes how the vulnerable person—the recipient of the advocacy in the match—can gain valued roles, as well as valuation, through such relationship commitments.


Susan Thomas, The importance and the benefits of being personally connected and engaged with devalued people, and its relevance to Social Role Valorization

This presentation will explain that it is very important for everyone to have ongoing, personal contacts with devalued people and their world, and–as much as possible–for those contacts to be voluntary and of an informal nature.  The presentation will review several reasons why such contact is so important, reasons which include benefits of a role-valorization nature to the devalued people who are engaged with, and benefits to the other parties, especially those who enjoy valued status, who do the engaging.  A number of ways of facilitating such contacts and engagements for others will also be covered.

Conference logistics

* Providence Biltmore Hotel

* Omni Providence Hotel

* Providence Mall

  • conference ends at 5 pm on Friday

* hotel booking is separate from conference registration

* if you want to stay over Friday night after the conference ends, you must book this

  • meals

* 2 meals on Wednesday, 3 meals on Thursday, 2 meals on Friday

* please let us know of any food allergies (

* buffet, except for the Thursday evening banquet

* choose banquet meal option online with registration

  • transportation

* Providence Amtrak

* bus station in Kennedy Plaza across from Biltmore

* Providence airport taxis & shuttles

* taxi

  • Biltmore amenities include

* business center

* complimentary wi-fi

* courtesy house car

* fitness center

* Starbucks located just off the lobby

* McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks restaurant just off the lobby

  • sightseeing in and around Providence

* downtown Providence


* several volunteers will be available throughout the conference to help with travel & sightseeing questions

  • on the first evening of the conference (Wednesday), we will be hosting a cocktail party (cash bar) on the outdoor terrace with views of the State House and downtown Providence

* following the cocktail party, we are hosting several informal discussion groups on the following topics: Citizen Advocacy, encouraging new and emerging SRV presenters and PASSING team leaders, family and family supports, an international SRV association, local SRV groups

  • conference bookstore

* several vendors will be offering books and videos for sale during the conference; credit card preferred

conference schedule

srvconference2015 will run from June 10-12, from 9 am to 5 pm each day.

Each day will include:

• morning welcome and announcements

• morning plenary speaker

• seven morning concurrent sessions to choose from

• break for buffet lunch

• seven afternoon concurrent sessions to choose from

• afternoon plenary speaker

• daily wrap-up and announcements

Other activities/schedule items include:

• book and journal room available throughout the conference

• cocktail party on Wednesday evening

• five concurrent informal discussions on various topics on Wednesday evening

• banquet on Thursday evening

Please note:

• buffet breakfast provided on Thursday and Friday mornings

• dinner on Wednesday is on your own; lots of close by restaurants