sharing a hotel room

If you want to share a hotel room during the conference to save money, click on the comment button (to the left) and then share the details of your request. Each room has 2 beds and the cost is per room. I encourage conference participants to contact each other directly about this possibility. You can reply to individual comments if you are interested or leave a new comment. Check back regularly. Please note that all comments are public.


  1. I am looking for female roommates to share a room at the Biltmore Hotel for the 2015 SRV Conference.
    Two nights, Wednesday, June 10th and Thursday, June 11th.
    Please email if interested.


  2. Hi Irene. I have my accommodation but I know of Jules Garland from New Zealand who was looking to share a room. She can be contacted via her email AJ Garland
    I hope you can both find people to share with.


    Rosey Olbrycht
    Citizen Adbvocacy South Australia


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